Riverstone to Capitalise on Benefits Provided by the NBN

Mayor Len Robinson has high hopes for Riverstone. He has a vision for the future, a future whereby Riverstone leads the charge to a digital era that will be established by the National Broadband Network.

According to his vision, Riverstone will have its small and medium sized businesses capitalise on the benefits brought upon by the NBN. Mayor Robinson recognises that the communication and technology industries are growing and he sees Riverstone businesses tapping into this. He even pictures Riverstone as being home to companies within these industries.

He also recognises the fact that businesses can reach out further in order to get more customers. He said that business owners need to accept the fact that there are clients scattered all over the world, and with the help of improvements in technology, they can reach out to these customers.

He shared that people living in Riverstone are in a good position to dive into this marketplace.

He revealed that as of the moment, NSW has 164,000 employed in the communication and technology industries. However, only 6.7 per cent of this number is based in Western Sydney. He said that there’s an opportunity to improve this number by growing these industries in Western Sydney.

He mentioned Blacktown City as a city that can accommodate the efforts for improvements, and residents of Riverstone can play a huge part in turning this into reality. He shared that Riverstone enjoys a young and skilled population filled with potentials.

He acknowledged that proper leadership and planning are necessary. If these things are achieved, investors will follow and infrastructure will be set up.

This is not the first time that Mayor Robinson shared this vision, as he also mentioned this vision earlier this month at the Nirimba Education Precinct. He also shared this vision last Thursday to Premier Barry O’Farrell.

The local council, together with the Tafe NSW, is working hand in hand to set up the Riverstone Enterprise Program. This is a program funded by the government that aims to help small and medium sized businesses take advantage of the NBN as it’s being rolled out in Riverstone.

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