Australian Government to Launch Teleworking Campaign

A lot has been said regarding the benefits of teleworking for both employers and employees. The Australian government is now set to launch a massive campaign to increase awareness and practice of teleworking. The federal government campaign is set to be launched this month that aims to push more Australians to consider teleworking.

This launch is part of the National Digital Economy Strategy of Australia. To be specific the Australian government is pushing for a hike in the number of teleworkers to 12 per cent – roughly double of the number of teleworkers now. They’re pushing to achieve this by 2020.

A survey released by the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia shows that the number of teleworkers are decreasing. With the rolling out of the NBN and this initiative by the government, the number is expected to rise which is important considering the fact that experts in the workplace are saying that Australia is way behind other developed countries like Britain, US and Canada when it comes to teleworking.

Robyn Clough, the public policy manager of the Australian Institute of Management, also explained that Australia has been lagging behind because teleworking is not yet accepted as part of the Australian culture. With this initiative by the government, it’s expected that this will soon change, especially since it presents a lot of benefits to the employed and unemployed alike. It’s been estimated that there are 340,000 Australians that are currently unemployed because they don’t have the means to get out of their house to go to an office.

Catherine Raffaele offered an explanation. The senior research analyst over at the Workplace Research Centre of University of Sydney said that there’s a misconception when it comes to teleworking wherein some people still believe that teleworking is not really working. According to Raffaele, this perception is not true.

She then went on to say that a lot of research and studies have been done to show that teleworkers are actually more productive in general. With more control, these workers are also more satisfied with their work and its set-up.

Cisco conducted a research back in 2010 that showed that 69 per cent of workers are more productive when they’re working away from the office. Bell Atlantic Corporation, a US based telco company, also conducted a study that showed that 40 hours of work in an office can be achieved in only 25 hours in a remote location.

Paul Jury, a recruitment executive of Talent2, said that most applicants don’t even want to raise the possibility of working from home during the interview process, feeling that this will lessen their chances of getting hired.

The NBN and the rise of cloud computing aims to solve these issues and misconceptions. The technology brought upon by these factors will provide the tools necessary for the government to reach its goals. Jury also said that the first steps have been taken by the organisations themselves, as they recognise the need to get online and they’re now moving their businesses online.



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